New GovReports ‘intuitive’ portal ensures your practice runs smoother via SBR

AS your workload starts to increase over the next few weeks you can rely on the new GovReports lodgment portal to help you meet deadlines and delight clients.

When you first logon to the new portal you are given a ‘Birds View’ of your lodgments so that you know what you’ve lodged and what’s to be lodged, giving you better control over your workflow.

know what you’ve lodged and what’s to be lodged, giving you better control over your workflow.

Completely customisable, your dashboard gives you the option to see a set of standard upcoming lodgment due dates and an outstanding reports listing based on those that are either upcoming or overdue. Information about your lodgment history can also be included on your dashboard giving you the ability to compare periods and plan accordingly.

On top of this, your dashboard also provides a customisable news feed featuring updates from the ATO, ICB and GovReports so that you are kept informed about pertinent matters that may affect your lodgment program.

As you have better information about your lodgment program, you will be able to structure your work more strategically, allowing you to focus less on administration and more on advice.

The company behind GovReports, Impact Management Group, have designed the new portal with one purpose in mind to improve your workflow via SBR gateway.

Comparing the original lodgment portal with the new edition, Impact Management Group Director, Tiana Tran, described the benefits for BAS and tax agents.

“The new one is far more responsive and intuitive, meaning an easier and more efficient lodgment process for BAS and tax agents alike”, she commented.

“BAS and tax agents can customise the dashboard and other settings to suit.”

“You can drag and drop the elements on the dashboard, as you see fit and set a default homepage customised to your liking.”

“We understand every practice is unique and have designed the portal so that both small and large practices can customise it and enjoy the workflow benefits.”

“It is very flexible and you can adjust it to your own requirements.”

Improved workflow has many internal advantages with the most obvious being a faster job turnaround time which results in happier clients.

Information about your happy clients is found in a newly designed client centre which gives you complete visibility of your client’s information including all of their essential details as well as their lodged, saved/drafted and outstanding reports.Lodged reports are linked to lodgment receipts providing you with the confidence that the reports have been received by the ATO.

The new GovReports portal also gives you the capacity to enhance your brand, showcase your professionalism and improve your client relationships.

Ms Tran described how they’ve incorporated the use of logos into the new portal.

“You can upload your own logo so when you prepare activity statements or tax returns and you send draft copies to your client to get approval it features your business branding and therefore they know it is prepared by you, Ms Tran added.”

“Your client’s logo can also be uploaded to their account in GovReports so you can identify them easier when you want to get access to their account.”

“It can also be included on their tax returns and activity statements so when a client looks at them they immediately know it’s theirs.”

“Even though it’s a little thing it makes a whole lot of difference.”

The inherent benefits you will enjoy from uploading and using logos may seem small but these are just the start of an array of pluses you will experience in the coming months with a number of innovative features set to be released.

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