Digital Authentication Has New Features Release

Authenticating digitally simplifies and automates the compliance process for BAS and Tax agents with tools and services that enable authorization for reports in a systematic and pragmatic fashion. And with GovReports new releases in the Digital Authentication tool, life is certainly getting better!

The newly released features are:

  1. Option to send multiple documents to be authorized in one go, this means agent can now send GovReports final drafted or validated reports such as Activity Statement, along with perhaps non GovReports generated document ie authorization letter or payment approval…etc
  2. Option to send to multiple signees or recipients with varying access. Often, a typical client may have staff or a partner or an advisor to manage business account, GovReports Digital Authentication now enables users to send document to one person or more to sign and other may be for viewing document only.
  3. Typed Name as signature option is now added along with the existing Uploading Signature or Draw Signature options.
  4. Reminder and Notification settings are especially important as all compliance reports have a due date and deadline to submit to the respective government agencies. Create a Reminder option enables the agent to set the deadline, frequency of the reminder and expiry notifications to ensure your clients are adequately followed up prior to due date for lodgment.
  5. Additional Security for Signee when reviewing document
  6. And Much more

With our recent Email Configuration November release, GovReports users can send and or receive reports and notifications directly from their own emails with customized sender labels making it easier for their clients to recognize and response accordingly.

Those who already have configured their email settings in GovReports, will now have same settings in their GovReports Digital Authentication tool when sending reports for digital signature as well as reminders and notifications for their clients.

If you have GovReports Digital Authentication, login now and try these  features.

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