End of Financial Year 2023 with GovReports

The end of the financial year is here already! It seems that so little time has passed since we welcomed in 2023. As we approach EOFY, we invite you to reflect on the last year. So much has happened in the previous year that we are still catching up with – more clients are expecting remote and fast turnaround services, cashflow planning continues to rise, the growing importance of sustainability reporting and the explosion of artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT.

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Add the Signed Reports widget to your Dashboard

As part of our new service package implemented late last year, digital signature is now becoming part of your work flow and reporting process. To improve the user experience, our development team has just released the new Signed Reports widget for you to add onto your dashboard.

This new widget lists out all the signed reports that you received and approved with signature by your clients. There are 2 categories of signed reports available including those reports in Saved Status and those that had already been submitted or lodged.

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Live Client Update

For Tax and BAS agents, clients must be added to the ATO portal to prepare and lodge reports via SBR enabled software like GovReports. This is a cumbersome process if a new client comes along and there is need to lodge a tax return or simply a IAS/BAS only then to get an error message that you are not authorised to lodge for the reporting entity because the client is not registered under your agent number from the portal or that they were previously on your portal but has since been removed.

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New GovReports ‘intuitive’ portal ensures your practice runs smoother via SBR

AS your workload starts to increase over the next few weeks you can rely on the new GovReports lodgment portal to help you meet deadlines and delight clients.

When you first logon to the new portal you are given a ‘Birds View’ of your lodgments so that you know what you’ve lodged and what’s to be lodged, giving you better control over your workflow.

know what you’ve lodged and what’s to be lodged, giving you better control over your workflow.

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