Client Update functionality is live!

ATO Services:

ATO Services provides the ability to view ATO accounts and its related transactions. It also provides an option to maintain relationships and client demographic information. The Agents can make use of the following services:

    • ATO Accounts
    • Maintain Client Authorisation
    • Remove Clients
    • Client Address
    • Client Authorised Contacts
    • Client Associates
    • Sync from ATO
    • Financial Institutions Details
    • Non-lodgment Advice
    • Outcome of Assessments

It is available to Tax Practitioners acting on behalf of Individuals and Non-Individuals, Businesses and Business Intermediaries. It is an enhanced functionality on top of the existing client update option.

So when adding a new client into your GovReports account, you can then go to the client profile page, click on ATO Services

You can select ‘Maintain Authorisation’ under ATO Services for you to select whether to add the client for Activity Statement purpose or for Income Tax Return purpose.

If you have added the client to your account for Activity Statement purposes, and you want to perform other lodgments such as PAYG Annual Reports, TFN Declaration,..etc  are possible within that update depending on your role as a BAS agent or as a tax agent. And Similarly for tax agent, if you have added the client for income tax return, other report lodgments can also be done without having to go to ATO Portal to update and do all these tasks.

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