Farewell to ELS as PLS settles in via SBR

ATO Electronic Lodgment Service (ELS) has for a long time been the lodgment gateway  for tax professionals to submit compliance and regulatory reports to the tax office on behalf of clients via software providers.  The days of using ELS software are now numbered as ATO replaces ELS with Standard Business Reporting (SBR) from April 2017 and by the new term,  Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS).

To ensure tax agents have the smooth transition process to access to a reliable electronic lodgment service, GovReports Individual Tax Return users will have 2 lodgment gateways ELS & or SBR to choose from when submitting tax returns to the ATO on behalf of clients.

This approach will provide GovReports users the additional safety net during the tax lodgment season to lodge online on time and with minimum disruption to their workflow.

On both options of ELS and SBR, GovReports tax returns come with full schedules and worksheets. The difference is the processing time of tax returns lodge via SBR will be shorter both at GovReports sending end but also from ATO as the receiving party.

GovReports is now ready for Tax Time 2016 and Tax Return forms are currently available for you to prepare and save for later lodgment from July.

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