STP Reports Online Lodgement Process for MYOB Desktop Payroll Versions is Now On!

Businesses using MYOB Desktop Payroll versions have been on the subject of ‘required to upgrade’ to MYOB online versions to comply with Single Touch Payroll. For many, the ‘Required to Upgrade’ will be a hassle to implement to their business process and for some others, it could cost thousands of dollars more per year to keep up with compliance.

This feature has been on the GovReports scheduled workplan for quite sometimes and the team at GovReports is so pleased that we are able to release this facility just before the new financial year. It is now available in all GovReports professional service packages.

MYOB Desktop Payroll users can now export the payrun reports for lodgment of Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reports direct to ATO with a simple process and a much lower cost method to comply.

The process of preparing and lodging STP reports for businesses with MYOB desktop versions will initially require data entry of all employees details as part of the set up and that’s the only annoying manual process for larger payroll businesses, but that is the worse of it!

Users will then need to enter the reporting information relevant for the selected pay period, upload the payrun report downloaded from their MYOB payroll software to review and lodge.

On subsequent payruns and reports lodgments, users will only need to enter the reporting information on section 2 of the STP Payroll Event reporting form => Rollover the employees information => Upload MYOB File for review and lodgment.

In the event of subsequent payruns where some of the employees do not get paid for the confirmed reporting period. When uploading the MYOB File, GovReports will automatically data matched pay information for the selected employees from the uploaded file so users need not rearrange the employees details for lodgment to ATO.

Videos of how to prepare and lodge STP reports to ATO from MYOB Desktop Payroll are available from in application Help Centre or contact us at

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