OPM’s New Enhancement

Office Practice Manager (OPM) is the workflow management application from GovReports for tax practitioners to easily manage clients, compliance jobs with deadlines, non-compliance jobs,… staff and calendar that you will love to use everyday.
Whether you are a sole practitioner or practice with many staff, planning tool such as OPM enables for workflow process to be set up and create visionary foundation of a work culture that the team can rely on for a better and consistent workplace environment.
OPM was recently merged with GovReports lodgement platform and now releasing new improvement that will continue to enhance the work efficiency.

The New Enhancement:
As a workflow management system, we wanted to for our users to be able to see their overall practice in a glance from the dashboard. So we made the enhancement to the Job Status to hopefully reduce the clutter and present a clearer and cleaner display of job and or work status information.

Previously we had the default Open* and Closed* Job Statuses. These options are now expanded and transitioned to new with more default options to choose from and including the user’s own customised job statuses to suit their unique practice’s process.
Default Job Statuses will be showed under 4 main categories:

Each main category of the job status, there are more default sub job statuses or users can create their own customised sub job statuses to match their practice’s process.
Users can set up to show only the default job status options or only their own customised job status or showing both default and their own custom job status options under the 4 main categories.
If you are a GovReports member, you can now rearrange and allocate the most accurate job status to the job you are working on. Existing job status will be mapped to new options – please refer to our recent email communication for more information.

The above enhancement of the job status will also change the look of the Practice’s Dashboard which displays the jobs and its statuses in 4 categories as a summary. Each of the job will be filtered by its scheduled date and can be searched or extracted based on the period of which it is scheduled
on and or its deadline.

To access these new features, login to your GovReports account and try them out.
Not yet a GovReports member? FREE TRIAL is available from GovReports website.

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