Digital Authentication Streamlines Tax Lodgement Processes

GovReports simplifies compliance processes using in-built digital authentication capability to electronically sign then lodge ATO returns and financial reports, securely.

To maintain margins, improve client relationships and free up time for value adding services, BAS and Tax Agents are leveraging cloud apps that streamline compliance processes. In this article, we’ll explore the top 4 benefits of electronic signatures or digital authentication.

  1. Improved Client Relationships: Client experience is key to the success of any BAS or Tax practice. Digital authentication contribute to an improved client experience by simplifying and modernising the document-signing process. There is no longer a requirement to download, print, sign then scan/photograph and email back documents. Your clients can now simply sign documents anytime anywhere using their phones or computers. The convenience of e-signatures not only enhances client satisfaction but also demonstrates a commitment to adopting innovative and leading-edge technology for their benefit.
  2. Productivity: Time is money, and when it comes to lower value services, every moment counts. Digital authentication significantly reduce the time required for completing document exchange and approval processes. With e-signatures, tax agents can send documents securely online, enabling clients to sign and return them in a matter of minutes, not days. This expedites the entire tax preparation and lodgment cycle, allowing you to handle more clients and deliver faster, more responsive services and free up time. 
  3. Cost Savings: Transitioning to e-signatures can lead to significant cost savings for BAS and Tax agents. The expenses associated with printing, postage, and storage of paper documents can quickly add up. By going digital, tax agents can reduce or eliminate these costs, freeing up time for higher value added services, such as business improvement consultations and tax planning. Cloud suites like GovReports that combine tax, client accounting and practice management functionality with an integrated digital authentication capability (with unlimited free e-signatures)  can save your practice thousands each year.
  4. Enhanced Security and Privacy Compliance: Tax and BAS agents deal with sensitive and highly confidential information on a daily basis. Digital authentication provide a secure and compliant method for handling client signatures and authorisations. Digital Authentications platforms like GovReports, deploy advanced encryption and authentication capability to restrict inappropriate access, comply with privacy requirements and provide an audit trail of people that opened the tax and financial reports you share.

GovReports was the first SBR cloud app to be certified by the ATO.  Since 2011, thousands of Australian bookkeepers and tax agents have been using our integrated tax, client accounting, practice management and digital authentication solution to automate the production, tracking and invoicing of their professional compliance and advisory services.

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