Why Cloud Reporting?

Reporting for businesses is a mandatory compliance requirement subjected by the laws of state and territories. However it is also one of the least liked or understood process of running and executing a modern business. More often than not there are numerous reports that need to be filed monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly. For some tax practitioners and businesses entire sections of businesses are employed to keep track of these requirements.

Often reporting is done via pen, paper, and Excel spreadsheets and with one or more accounting software. Often this entire reporting machinery sits on one company laptop containing all the relevant payroll and financial information. Should this one machine break down or is lost, the repercussions are very large. Add to this the cost of visiting and manually reporting each and every Government website to report is large and time consuming.

With that in mind, here are five reasons to switch to GovReports cloud reporting system.

Cost – GovReports is inexpensive, consistent and feature rich. The simplification of the reporting process handled by GovReports gives freedom to businesses to remove any existing manual tasks. For example, no more paper based Tax File Number Declarations. This can be lodged in minutes with GovReports!

Safety – Ever wonder where that one piece of receipt or paper you need to talk to ATO went? You knew it was right where you left it! With GovReports all your reporting history is easily accessible at a moment’s notice. All data is backed up across multiple servers. And because it is on the cloud, there is no physical tie in to your computer. If your computer breaks down, just move to another machine with Internet access.

Access – Ever wanted to work from home but access to ATO is only available from THAT ONE COMPUTER at work? GovReports is a cloud based reporting software and it can be available everywhere you are  in an instant.

Ease of Use – Using GovReports is easy. GovReports reuses information that you provide and additionally pre-fills information from Government agencies like ATO to make reporting simpler and easier. GovReports is a beautiful reporting solution that users with limited computer understanding can immediately learn to use.

Automated Reporting With GovReports, accounting data can be imported from traditional accounting software like MYOB and Reckon (with other software’s coming soon) making reporting periodical reports simpler and automated. Reports can be queued to be lodged at the appropriate time. Assign tasks among staff members to spread the effort of reporting. Save weeks of manual work during peak tax season!

GovReports cloud reporting is the way of the future. As State and Federal Government agencies adopt electronic methods to receive business reports, GovReports brings the future today by simplifying business reporting.

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