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online reporting of payg annual payment summary

Online reporting of PAYG annual payment summary – EMPDUPE

New financial year 2013 is here. It’s time to get payment summary and extra money from tax returns. Accounting professionals are engaged in the End of Financial Year 2012 activities and to distribute payment summaries. The payment summary annual report should be lodged to ATO.

Traditionally there were two methods used by the accounting professionals to report PAYG Annual Payment Summaries to the ATO:

  • Burning EMPDUPE files to a CD and mailing them, out often praying ATO receives it and is able to process them.
  • Modifying EMPDUPE files and lodging them through ECI.

Both methods have significant drawbacks, as they are both time consuming and prone to errors.

As the cloud based SBR enabled software, GovReports offers an elegant solution to report PAYG Annual Payment Summaries quickly and easily.

There are five types of PAYG Annual Payment Summary (EMPDUPE) files to be lodged and all five types can be lodged using GovReports.

PAYG Annual Payment Summary Types supported:

  1. Business and Personal Services
  2. Employment Termination Payment
  3. Individual Non-Business
  4. Superannuation Income Stream Payment
  5. Superannuation Lump Sum Payment

GovReports also offers two unique features:

  1. Generating ALL types of PAYG Annual Payment Summaries – Not all accounting and payroll software can generate the complete set of PAYG Annual Payment Summary (EMPDUPE) files and this is often a problem for accounting professionals. However, the non-available payment summary type can be manually prepared and electronically lodged from GovReports, thus bridging the gap and saving enormous usage of paper, data re-entry at ATO and reduces the timeline for the pre-fill information for the tax preparers.
  2. Amendment to PAYG Annual Payment Summaries – Amendment to PAYG Annual Payment Summary (EMPDUPE) file is another problem. There is no way to prepare an EMPDUPE file as an amendment to the one lodged. MYOB, the major EMPDUPE file generator, doesn’t have the facility to generate an amendment EMPDUPE file.

In some cases, where the business payroll software does not produce an acceptable version of the EMPDUPE file, tax preparers need to complete all the work in the software and enter the payment summary information into GovReports. Lodgement process is then ready with an acceptable current version of the payment summaries to the ATO.

GovReports will be introducing the ways and means to generate amended PAYG Annual Payment Summary (EMPDUPE) files easily. The amended file will be lodged seamlessly by just selecting an additional option during lodgement.

GovReports is dedicated to make Government Reporting easier, simpler and faster, and will leverage cutting edge technology to benefit accounting community.

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