TFN Declaration app made easier for business to onboard a new employee

Gone are the days you go to Post Office or Newsagents  to collect TFN Declaration form to fill out when employing new staff and send the mail to ATO. As we move further into the digital age, it is not unusual to see politicians get savvy in the art of social media to promote their campaign and engage with their followers. While most government services are now available online and more so with the ATO as their compliance process moves with the objective of digital by default going forward.

At GovReports, our online compliance service application is ever changing to meet the demand of our users to simplify the reporting process and with our newest addition to the application suite, employer users can now  onboard the new staff easily by inviting them to complete the TFN Declaration form online and submit back to the employer for direct lodgement to ATO.

The new featured process only requires for the business employer-user to enter the new employee’s name and email address  and perhaps a customised message to send the invitation.

When the new employee receives the invitation to fill out the TFN Declaration, they will have to enter the one time password which is generated and sent to their email when they click to access  the online TFN declaration form to complete and submit it back to the employer.

As GovReports  is inbuilt with digital signature features & TFN validation, so it means that correct TFN must be entered to submit back to employer for ATO lodgement without a requirement of a wet signature, making it easier for the employee to onboard and minimising workflow and errors on the payroll and tax to be paid to ATO for the employer.

To make it even more personalised to each business employer, users can customise outgoing email setting for all emails and invitations to be sent via their own email, so when the employeereceives invitation to fill out the online form it is recognised from their  known prospective employer.

Get your TFN declarations lodged anywhere anytime. Send an invitation for your employees to complete the TFN declaration electronically or you can fill out the details for them. No need to wait for snail mail to get everything sorted!

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