Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) V2 CSV file template

GovReports accepts TPAR in CSV file format.  Following is the template to be used for uploading:


Mandatory fields:

  • Contractor’s FamilyName or Business Name is mandatory
  • Statement by a Supplier is mandatory
  • Payment Type is Mandatory

Conditional Mandatory fields:

  • When Payment Type is selected as “Grant”, Date of payment is mandatory
  • When Phone number is entered , Area code is mandatory
S.No. Item Data Type Max Length Mandatory Valid Values Description Sample
  1 ABN string 11 No Contractor’s Australian Business Number 32222111148
  2 Surname string 30 No Contractor’s surname or family name John
  3 Given Name string 15 No Contractor’s first given name Smith
  4 Other Given Name string 15 No Contractor’s second given name Michael
  5 Business Name string 200 No Contractor’s business name Cellino Private Limited
  6 Trading Name string 200 No Contractor’s trading name Cellino Private Limited
  7 Address Line1 string 38 No Contractor’s address line 1 PO Box 8300
  8 Address Line2 string 38 No Contractor’s address line 2
  9 Address Locality Name string 27 No Contractor’s suburb, town or locality CARRUM DOWNS
  10 Address Postcode number 4 No Contractor’s postcode 3201
  11 Address Country string 20 No Contractor’s country Australia
  12 Contact Telephone Number Area Code number 2 No Contractor’s contact telephone number area code 04
  13 Contact Telephone Number number 15 No Contractor’s contact telephone number 21675125
  14 BSB number 6 No Contractor’s financial institution BSB 123456
  15 Account Number number 9 No Contractor’s financial institution account number 987654321
  16 Gross Amount Paid number 11 No Gross amount paid 24120
  17 Total Tax Withheld Where ABN Not Quoted number 11 No Total tax withheld 1698
  18 Total GST number 11 No Total GST 964
  19 Payment Type string 1 Yes Grant Payment Payment Type Grant
  20 Date of payment date 8 No ddMMyyyy Date of grant payment 30032019
  21 Name of grant string 200 No Name of grant or grant program Capital Grants program
  22 Statement by Supplier string 1 Yes Y-Yes
Statement by a Supplier N
  23 Division ITAA string 1 No Y-Yes
Is this payment an amount listed or described under a provision of Division 59 of the ITAA 1997? Y
  24 Amendment Indicator string 1 Yes Y-Yes
Amendment indicator N

Note: If manually filling the CSV in an Excel, Please change format of the fields Areacode, Phone number & Postcode fields as text. Otherwise any leading zero will be stripped off by Excel.

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