ATO Client Communications Feature Strengthens Client Relationship One Alert At A Time

In an era of information overload, having the right information at your fingertips is key to managing a client relationship and providing trusted advice.

As you would be aware, the ATO currently send to your clients information in 6 different ways – paper, email, SMS, ATO Online, Agent Digital and through myGov. 

While you have access to this information in Online Services, GovReports have now added a smart and convenient ATO Client Communications feature that centralises all of this information from the various channels.

This means you can easily request, retrieve, view, download and share (with your clients via email) historical ATO Client Communications without leaving the all-in-one platform.

So at the same time as preparing a client’s tax return in GovReports you can scan their ATO Client Communications for any pertinent documents that may need discussion and advice at your regular review meetings.

And throughout the year setup a repeating task in your calendar to quickly check ATO Client Communications for information that may need immediate action or advice.

This will ensure you don’t miss any significant ATO correspondence for your client nor overlook an opportunity to continue steering them in the right direction.

You can be responsive, act fast and alert your client to time critical correspondence.

Stay in the loop (without leaving GovReports)

There is no need to move outside of your GovReports dashboard when reviewing information the ATO has sent your clients. This saves you time and provides a quick and convenient way to stay upto date with ATO Client Communications.

Six channels of communication (rolled into one)

The ATO communicates with your clients across six channels – Paper, myGov, SMS, email, ATO Online and Agent Digital. This new feature centralises all ATO Client Communications for each client in one convenient location in GovReports.  

Customise Communications For Your Firm

You can setup ATO Client Communications for one client, multiple clients or your whole client list. It is entirely up to you. The service can be disabled at any time.

Keep Your Team In Sync With Your Clients

Team members working on a client have a deeper understanding of them by having access to ATO Client Communications that are easy to retrieve, sort, view and download.

Step Back In Time

You are able to search for any ATO Client Communications across the 6 channels from 1/7/2008. Initially the search results show the first 100 records in the current financial year but you are then able to search again in a specific period.

ATO Client Communications that can be retrieved include :

  • New PAYG Instalment – Introduction
  • New PAYG Instalment – Payment Options
  • STP Deferrals and Exemptions
  • Notice of Assessment – Individual
  • Income Discrepancy in Income Tax Return

ATO Client Communications has been a sought after feature for a period now so we are happy to deliver this for our Tax and BAS Agent clients,” GovReports Director Tiana Tran said. 

“We understand that it is imperative for Tax and BAS Agents to be across information that their clients receive from the ATO. 

“Moreover, it’s important for Tax and BAS Agents to be able to regularly scan this information quickly and efficiently to ensure their clients are aware of any significant details that they need to act on. “

“Our ATO Client Communications feature is designed to ensure that Tax and BAS Agents can identify any pertinent communications and provide advice in a timely manner.”

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