Welcome to 2022 with GovReports

Happy 2022! We hope it’s started well for you after a well-deserved summer break.

The Chinese New Year starts on 1 February – along with our 2022 webinar series!

This is the year of the Water Tiger. It’s all about courage, being active, enjoying challenges, undertaking adventures, and making changes. There will probably be more transformations to business under the watchful eye of the tiger!

No doubt your business has had to adapt to externally imposed disruptions in the last couple of years. You might be wishing for a ‘quiet’ or ‘normal’ year… but the reality is we all need to remain flexible and meet further inevitable challenges with a positive attitude. Much as we wish for stability, it’s likely that we will need to keep shifting in response to world events and the global pandemic.

So, are you well-prepared to keep meeting the tests and trials of being in business? We aim to provide you with a complete solution for tax professionals and business owners that offers consistent and excellent online compliance reporting and tools to make scheduling and practice management easy. At least this is one thing you can rely on!


First up in our webinar series is Back to Basics with Digital Signatures on 1 February 2022, followed by client communications, workflow processes, IAM Ledger, STP Phase 2 and much more. Whether you’re new to GovReports or need a few reminders about the variety of functions available, there will be something for you in the webinars schedule.

STP Phase 2 Active in GovReports Now

Have you upgraded to STP Phase 2 yet? 

Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 includes more reporting categories and payroll information. In addition, STP V2 data can be transmitted to government agencies, making it faster and easier for employees to interact with the government.

The start date for STP phase 2 reporting was 1 January 2022, but the ATO is allowing employers up to 1 March to opt in. So why not upgrade now to make the most of the improved reporting platform? Upgrade one client at a time over the next month, and you’ll be ahead of the deadline. 

Catch up with all the changes at Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 and check the STP V2 User Guide for help with setting it up.

GovReports and Digital Business 

We’re all about digital business here at GovReports. We have had a fully integrated secure digital authentication function for many years and have been leaders in standard business reporting and online lodgment services. We are big fans of the efficiencies that digital business delivers.

If you’re still transitioning to digital business, check out the business.gov.au Digital Readiness Assessment Tool to help identify improvements your business can make. The tool gives you a report you can refer to for guidance in setting up digital systems.

Start using our online workflow and practice management tools for task scheduling, compliance reminders and calendar integration to support your business in going digital.

We wish you a good year ahead, and we hope to see you in a webinar soon!

GovReports Team 

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