Welcome to 2022-23 Financial Year!

As we move to another financial year, we would like to thank each and every one of our clients, new and old, for your support  as we grow alongside you..

Every year as we add more services and improve our offering, it is the trust and loyalty of our clients that has helped us  continue to grow.

So, what’s new for the start of 2022-23 financial year?

  • Tax Time changes were implemented and released over 2 weeks ago and already quite a few IITR lodgements have been completed before the ATO official date of acceptance ie 1st July
  • Nil figure Taxable Payment Annual Report (or Non-Lodgement  as shown on the TPAR form) is now enabled for lodgement via GovReports – previously you could only do that via the ATO Portal. 
  • HubeX has been released as beta for tax agents that want to invite their clients to prepare their own tax returns and then submit them to you for review and lodgement or simply for tax agents who want to get extra income from those irregular walk-ins tax returns.
  • Bulk download of auto prefillings for Activity Statements of preselected entities feature is now available in corporate service.

If you are going to lodge TPAR this year, there are a few changes on the form, not only Government entities are now able to report TPAR via SBR enabled software like GovReports but also the ability to submit Nil TPAR or Non-Lodgment advice for those businesses previously lodged TPAR but did not engage contractors for the 2021-22 financial year with the option to declare if they are not likely to engage contractors again in the future. 

Nil TPAR reporting or Non-Lodgment advice is accessible on the TPAR form but is not part of it.

For Tax Agents,  HubeX is the new toy for you to explore and get leads or simply just invite your clients to prepare and submit tax returns to you.  The application is designed to generate leads and to make it easier for tax agents to get tax returns data and payments from their clients for their service.  To truly test the system, we have placed some advertisements for walk-ins tax returns with their choice of tax agents available on HubeX.  So if you are a tax agent who wants to lodge income tax returns and looking for new business, you may want to register yourself on HubeX.

As we have not fine tuned the application to meet our management expectation, it is currently a beta release for a bigger release next year.  Early registrations on HubeX will grant its users a grandfathered rate on payments, so hurry to sign up and get started.  Your feedback will help us improve and grow with you.

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