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Sydney, Australia 16th January 2012 -Impact Management Group, the leading provider of Standard Business Reporting (SBR) solutions announced the release of application programming interface (API) for their cloud SBR lodgement product – GovReports.GovReports has the largest collection of SBR forms commercially available covering various government agencies such as ATO, State Revenue Offices and ASIC. With the release of GovReports API, accounting, payroll software developers and businesses with their own in-house system can integrate direct-to-government lodgement capability within their products.

Tiana Tran, the marketing director of Impact Management Group said, GovReports, released in June last year saw meteoric adoption and soon we started getting queries if we could do this (API), since we had a long established experience with XBRL and SBR.

GovReports API is a natural progression from this. It allows SBR adopters not to be caught up in the complex delivery cycle of the various forms, understanding XBRL taxonomies or complex self testing cycles but rather just connecting to GovReports infrastructure. We manage and do all the hard work. We estimate that GovReports API would save six to twelve months of development costs on complex SBR forms.”

“The real strength of GovReports API is that it removed the need to understand SBR. You don’t need to understand how Apple products work to use an iPhone. You just use it. Users are excited about the prospects of what the SBR technology brings but don’t necessarily want to understand about complex reporting terminologies rather than concentrate on their own product. GovReports and GovReports API bring that ‘always on, use anytime’ facility to lodgements – the first of its kind”, she added.

GovReports API gives control to users what, when and how they want to make a lodgement within the comfort of their own software. The APIs are standards based so developers don’t have to learn a new programmatic style, and include a number of libraries to avoid writing HTTP requests–which in the past have functioned as the interface into applications. The code libraries are available in .Net web services.

As software developers and organisations develop more complex applications, users are demanding direct-to-government lodgements from within their products. A number of companies work with our professional services team to connect to GovReports API to their product but a few would rather do it themselves.” added Ms Tran.

Key features of the GovReports API include:

  • Simplified SBR connectivity. Connect to the API and lodge.
  • Advanced queuing facility. All lodgements are queued and processed by the GovReports infrastructure.
  • Bulk Lodgement. Process large quantities of lodgements at one go.
  • Admin and Dashboard to view your lodgements
  • Multiple data output options to JSON, JSONP and XML formats enabling easy integration with JQuery front end technology.
  • Automatic management of updates and conformance suite testing.
  • Helpdesk and Technical Support.

For more information regarding GovReports and GovReports API, please contact Tiana Tran on 02 8677 9669 or visit

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