Simple. Quick. Fast! These are the comments we hear from our early adopters of GovReports. GovReports is designed to remove the drudgery of lodging your obligations. There is no software to install and update. No Microsoft frameworks or other updates to fiddle with. GovReports just works.

But what is the strength behind GovReports ? Bulk Lodgement for Advisers. Bulk Lodgement makes agents and accountants job easier by allowing them to prepare their client’s obligations ahead of time and queue it up. Imagine that your business has 100 clients or more You or your assistants can prepare and queue up all the BAS that is due and lodge it at one go.

GovReports manages and processes the submission. Should the end agency server is down, GovReports will wait until its available again and then processes the queue once the system is available. This is differentiating factor with ECI where agents have to sit and wait to do the lodgement.

GovReports Bulk Lodgement is fast! Yesterday we had an agent lodge 2 Instalment Activity Statements under 10 seconds! This unparalleled with any legacy lodgement facility provided by the ATO.

The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is the future of Australian obligation reporting and GovReports makes the future accessible now.


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