Google Calendar Integration Release


Are you using Google Calendar to manage your work schedules and personal events?
Our development team has been at work on the integration with Google Calendar to enable you to manage both personal and GovReports calendars seamlessly and we are happy to say this is now ready for you to access.
Use GovReports Calendar as Your Practice’s Calendar Juggling between personal commitments, events and work schedules is increasingly becoming a challenge specially if you are in the compliance reporting area, where there are numerous repetitive and endless tasks, meetings, appointments and of course, the personal dinner dates!

How to plan, manage and organise time effectively to ensure we don’t forget there is more to life than just work and at the same time all job duties are being met.

The latest release of Google Calendar integration with GovReports enables you to oversee your overall work plan, client meetings and schedules as well as your personal events – satisfying the requirement of a total picture of your day to day’s activities on the one screen.

The idea of tracking your team’s work items can be a daunting task on top of your daily responsibilities if work plan management is still on spreadsheets. But if you are on GovReports and with Google Calendar, it can be seen as a new lens to your practice.Imagine that you created a repetitive job earlier in the year and allocated to a staff member at the same time that he/she is then scheduled to be on leave. With new integration release, both Google and GovReports Calendar access will allow you to manage both work and personal schedules, so the staff member will be alerted of job timing and schedule a more suitable date or rearrange their work plan.
Like you, our team’s work relies on precision planning and most of us would have our own personal schedules outside of the office. So we meet and discuss the work items on a daily basis to see what lies ahead and be prepared. With the integrated calendar features, we can now avoid much of the ‘Oops’ moments we used to have.
To enable the consolidation process of Google & GovReports Calendars are as followed:

We also have other featured releases on Office Practice Manager that you might want to check out including more functionalities on Alerts/Notifications and Reminders.

  1. Alerts/Notifications now include:
    • Any documents from Digital Authentication that are signed or declined
    • Lodged reports queueing status
    • Changed Timesheet status
  2. Calendar reminders is now coming on as window popups for jobs/tasks/events and you can choose to Snooze or Dismiss the item as it appears.

We hope you enjoy these new features. Let us know what you think.

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