Getting to Know the New Digital Authentication App (DAv2)

We are pleased to announce the release of our new digital authenticator (DAv2). If
you’re already using digital authentication for your letters, documents and ATO
forms, you’ll love the updates to this essential practice management tool.

DAv2 uses the latest technology to upgrade the functionality of our digital
authentication with better security, additional features and an easy-to-use interface.

We’ll turn off the previous digital authentication version on 30 June 2023. So you
have months to get to know the new version, but why wait? Once you start using it,
we think you’ll agree that the new version offers better functionality and flexibility.

New Features

You can now add more fields to the document being signed, including company
name, job name and email address.

View more documents at once with the new page view layout and easily see details
for a selected document.

There are more options for security codes. For example, you can now set a specific
code per client or choose your own security code, as well as the default option for
emailing a code.

More bulk actions are available from the document list view and flexibility to view
documents by status type. You can also now set a signature or initials on all pages
of a multi-page document.

When multiple signees are included in a document, a final copy with all signatures
included will be sent after the last signature has been obtained.

You can set reminder frequency and expiration date for each document.

GovReports Digital Authentication is integrated into all pricing plans

Your GovReports subscription includes automatic access to digital authentication.
You can use this for all GovReports generated documents and any other business
documents requiring signatures.

You can track the status of all documents sent for signing and easily send reminders.

Digital authentication is a huge time-saver for the person receiving the document.
Instead of having to print and physically sign the document and then scan it back to
you, the process takes seconds, and both parties immediately have copies of the
signed and verified document. And with the new DAv2, your clients will find it even
easier to get their signed forms back to you when you need them.

Consider using this function for all your client or customer engagement letters,
contracts, agreements with contractors, employment agreements, and any
authorisations required for government departments.

How Can You Access Digital Signatures?

From your GovReports dashboard, go to the Apps Centre or menu icon at the top
right of the menu bar . Then go to Digital Authentication New Version. From
there, you can upload a PDF document to send to someone for their signature, or
you can sign a document yourself and then email it to the recipient.

For more information, go to the GovReports Help Centre, or access the Help Centre
from the icon at the bottom left of your screen or the top right menu bar.

Let us know what you think of the new digital authentication!

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