No Change to GovReports Process with MyGovID

We have been receiving queries about the new MyGovID digital identity that many agents and business owners are using to connect to government services.


MyGovID is a secure authentication process that has been introduced for individuals and businesses, to prove your identity when dealing with government online services.


GovReports is an independent SBR provider and we already have the structures in place to link directly with the ATO and state revenue offices. 

Is there any change to GovReports?

When you prepare forms and lodgements using GovReports, you are directly linked with the ATO. MyGovID does not affect either the login process with GovReports or the actual lodgement process. There is no change to how you deal with GovReports –keep signing in as you have done and submit your lodgements from GovReports directly.

What is MyGovID for?

MyGovID affects how you sign into your business portal, or for tax professionals, how you sign into ATO online services. You will only use your MyGovID when you deal directly with government services that are offered online such as the ATO, the Australian Business Register and some departments such as the Department of Employment, Skill, Small and Family Business. 

For full details about MyGovID linked services, visit

Rest assured that the new government identification process has no impact on how you use GovReports products!

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