New in GovReports ‘Outstanding Reports’ No more un-planned last minute lodgments

No one wants to complete reports at the last minute; no one plans to miss a due date “but how can you keep track?” Whether you are a single business or an Agent of many clients, you need to know the status of reports and their lodgement due dates.

GovReports has already put your Government submissions in one portal; now there is more help through the recently introduced feature ‘Outstanding Reports’. This enables business users and Agents to view all the outstanding reports along with the individual dues dates.

The ‘Outstanding Reports’ can be viewed from the dashboard of GovReports. GovReports obtains prefill and lodgment outstanding information from the ATO portal. GovReports then calculates the due dates based on the best information available from ATO resources (i.e. the extended dates available to Agents (not the portal advised dates).

Under Outstanding reports in dashboard, you can view Overview and Overdue reports. Overview reports are those reports that has not been lodged yet and have passed the due date. Overview gives the list of both the upcoming and overdue reports.

The Dashboard list only the last 5 reports. If the outstanding reports are more than 5, you can click ‘View all’ to see all the reports.

In the detailed list, you can click ‘Actions’ to start preparing the report or to delete it.

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