Lodging Taxable Payments Annual Reports online

TIME is ticking if you or your clients in the building and construction industry are required to lodge the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) but have not yet done so.

Businesses in the building and construction industry need to report to the ATO the total payments they make to each contractor for building and construction services each year.

The first TPAR will cover payments made in the 2012-13 financial year and is due to be lodged by 21st July 2013. Tax agents are granted an extension to prepare and lodge the report and have until 25th August 2013.

The 25th  August due date for tax agents may seem like you have plenty of time to get organised but amongst finalising June BASs and starting ‘I’ returns you will find that the deadline will come around quickly.

As a tax agent, if you have building and construction industry clients who use an accounting package that generate TPAR, GovReports provides a TPAR cloud lodgement solution that works perfectly with these software to report the required figures. GovReports is also a smart option for reporting contractor payments made by your building and construction industry clients who don’t use any accounting package.

Developed by Impact Management Group, GovReports is the cloud based client management and lodgement portal designed for AUSkey holders to manage and submit reports, including the TPAR, from a single website to SBR ready government agencies such as the ATO, OSR and ASIC.

GovReports’ TPAR form enables tax payers and or tax agents who have clients in the building and construction industry to easily create, report and lodge direct to the ATO. The form is part of both the existing Agent Plus TPAR and ELS Plus packages for tax agents and or appropriate business packages.  Alternatively, you have the option of purchasing an annual TPAR subscription if you only want to use this form and business activity statements.

“It doesn’t matter what size of business you or your building and construction industry clients have,” commented Impact Management Group Director Tiana Tran.

GovReports is suitable for organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations.

Being a cloud lodgement portal, GovReports makes it easy for tax payers and or their tax agents to complete the TPAR for their building and construction industry clients and facilitates seamless lodgement to the ATO, all in one go.

GovReports accepts both TPAR in XML and CSV files generated from any accounting software.

“If your business or clients in building and construction industry do not use accounting software, you can enter the figures straight into the GovReports’ TPAR form and lodge immediately,” added Tiana.

GovReports provides peace of mind because when the report is lodged, you receive a lodgement receipt direct from the ATO.

If, after lodging, you need to make an amendment to the TPAR for one of your clients you can do so easily using GovReports.

“So far we have had loads of tax agent enquiries with many saying how much they love the CSV file format.”

To find out more about the TPAR lodgement solution offered by GovReports, logon to their website www.govreports.com.au or phone them on 1300 65 25 90. Further details about the TPAR can be found on the ATO website at www.ato.gov.au/taxablepaymentsreporting

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