Impact Releases FBT Form and Integrates MYOB with GovReports

Sydney, Australia – 11th March 2012 – Impact Management Group, the leading provider of Standard Business Reporting (SBR) solutions announced the release of FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) form for their cloud SBR lodgement product – GovReports.

GovReports has the largest collection of SBR forms commercially available covering various government agencies such as Australian Taxation Office, State Revenue Offices and ASIC. GovReports was immensely popular with accountants, BAS agents and businesses when they offered Annual PAYG Summary lodgement electronically saving businesses and agents a lot of valuable time. Prior to GovReports the only way to lodge was through paper and CD. Impact is expecting the same response for FBT lodgement.

Tiana Tran, the marketing director of Impact Management Group said,”GovReports brings you the natural progression from paper based lodgement. Remember when banks went online, cheques usage dropped, online accounting software like Live Accounts, Xero and SaaSu are preferred over desktop accounting software and now, GovReports is bringing lodgement online over the aging ELS systems by making electornic lodgement more accessable.

Thus far apart from paper lodgement the only way to lodge FBT is via ELS systems that is only available to tax agents. For the first time, everyone else can lodge electronically.”

GovReports has established a new standard in direct to government lodgement using cloud technology. Using GovReports, users were no longer tied to their desktops or had to rush to the office just to lodge their Business Activity Statements. The Standard Business Reporting technology which is part of GovReports allows forms to be pre filled from information already held by end agencies like ATO and ASIC and that saves a lot of effort in filling out these forms. What if we could save even more time? GovReports will soon become a powerful data integration tool to access, integrate and manage data from various accounting and financial systems. This will help GovReports bond together the data and ensures accuracy in filling out forms by reducing data entry errors.” – she added..

“We are happy to announce that from April 2012, we will be integrating with MYOB data file. MYOB has a large user base and they have been waiting for an SBR product like GovReports. Other accounting and payroll providers will be integrated later down the track.” added Ms Tran.

For more information regarding GovReports, please contact Tiana Tran on 02 8677 9669 or visit

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