Lodging XERO BAS

Step 1: Login to GovReports

Login to GovReports with your username and password

Step 2: Select My Clients

Step 3: Select Forms and click on Activity Statement

Step 4: Select the reporting period and click list

Step 5: Select the Report from the Activity Statement List

Step 6: Choose Xero as the Activity Statement entry type

Note: If browser is blocking the popup window, select allow popup and refresh the browser window

Click Connect to Xero button and login to Xero.

Step 7: Click authorize to connect Xero to GovReports. There will be a 30 mins slot for accessing your xero account. Click “Allow access for 30 mins”.

This will connect your Xero account to Govreports.

Step 8: After getting the authorization click next

Step 9:  GovReports will automatically pick up the BAS report for the selected period for this client

Step 10: The GST information will be prefilled from Xero. Click “Next”

Keep clicking next and verify till you reach the declaration page

Step 11: Fill the declaration section and click next

Step 12: Select Lodge as lodgement type and click Submit

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