Single Touch Payroll Phase-2 import specification document

GovReports accepts STP in CSV file format. The specification of the file is given below:

Click on the file name to download the template file STP_Phase2_Template.csv.

S.No. Item Description Data Type Max.
Mandatory Sample Valid Values
1PayrollIDEmployee Payroll IDstring200Yes55698
2TFNEmployee TFNstring9Yes100000001
3ContractorABNContractor ABNstring41000003001
4PreviousPayrollIDEmployee Previous Payroll IDstring20055698
Payee Name Details
5FamilyNameEmployee Family Namestring40YesJohn
6FirstNameEmployee First Namestring40Peter
7OtherNameEmployee Other Namestring40Rob
8DateofBirthEmployee Day of BirthString Format : ddMMYYYY26071980
Address Details
9AddressLine1Employee Address Line 1string38YesWalker Street 1
10AddressLine2Employee Address Line 2string38Mall Road
11Suburb/TownEmployee Suburb/Townstring46YesSydney
12State/TerritoryEmployee State/TerritorystringYesNSW
13PostcodeEmployee PostcodeIntYes1001
14CountryEmployee CountrystringYesAustralia
Electronic Contact
15EmailEmployee E-mail Addressstring200
16PhoneNumberEmployee Phone Numberstring16
Employment Conditions
17CommencementDatePayee Commencement DateString Format : ddMMYYYYYes11022017
18CessationDatePayee Cessation DateString Format : ddMMYYYY11022018
19 EmploymentBasisCode Employment Basis Code string Yes F Refer Link
20 CessationTypeCode Cessation Type Code string V Refer Link
21 EmploymentCategoryCode Employment Category string Yes R Refer Link
22 OptionCode Tax Treatment Option Type string Yes T Refer Link
23STSLApplicableIs Study and Training Support Loan ApplicableBoolean StringYesYes
24MLSApplicableIs Medicare Levy Surcharge ApplicableBoolean StringYesYes
25 MLSTier Medicare Levy Surcharge Tier Int 2 Refer Link
26MLEApplicableIs Medicare Levy Exemption ApplicableBoolean StringYes
27 MLEOptionCode Medicare Levy Exemption Option string Refer Link
28MLRApplicableIs Medicare Levy Reduction ApplicableBoolean StringYes
29HasSpouseHas SpouseBoolean StringYes
30DependantsCountDependants CountInt
31TaxOffsetAmountTax Offset AmountDecimal(11,0)
Payroll Run
32PayrollStartDatePeriod Start DateString Format : ddMMYYYYYes10042018
33PayrollEndDatePeriod End DateString Format : ddMMYYYYYes30042018
34IsFinalEventBoolean StringYes
Income Stream Collection
35.1 IncomeStreamTypeCode Income Stream Type Code String SAW Refer Link
35.2GrossAmountGross AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.3PAYGWAmountPAYGW AmountDecimal(13,2)Yes
( Where an Income Stream Collection is provided, PAYGW Amount must be provided)
35.4 OvertimeAmountOvertime AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.5 BonusesAndCommissions
Bonuses and Commissions AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.6 DirectorsFeesAmountDirectors’ Fees AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.7 CDEPAmountCDEP AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.8ForeignTaxPaidAmountForeign Tax Paid AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.9ExemptForeignIncomeAmountExempt Foreign Income AmountDecimal(13,2)
35.10CountryCodeCountry CodeString
Paid Leave
35.11.1 PaidLeaveTypeCode Paid Leave Type Code String C Refer Link
35.11.2PaidLeavePaymentAmountPaid Leave Payment AmountDecimal(13,2)
Allowance Items
35.12.1 AllowanceTypeCode Allowance Type Code String CD Refer Link
35.12.2 OtherAllowanceType
Other Allowance Type DescriptionString40
35.12.3 PayeeAllowanceAmountPayee Allowance AmountDecimal(13,2)
Salary Sacrifice
35.13.1 SalarySacrificeTypeCode Salary Sacrifice Type Code String S Refer Link
35.13.2SalarySacrificeAmountSalary Sacrifice AmountDecimal(13,2)
Lump Sum Payments
35.14.1 LumpSumTypeCode Lump Sum Type Code String R Refer Link
35.14.2LumpSumFinancialYearLump Sum Financial YearInt
35.14.3LumpSumPaymentAmountLump Sum Payment AmountDecimal(13,2)
Termination Payments
35.15.1 ETPCode ETP Code String R Refer Link
35.15.2PayeeETPPaymentDatePayee ETP Payment DateString Format : ddMMYYYY
Payee Termination Payment Tax Free ComponentDecimal(13,2)
Payee Termination Payment Taxable ComponentDecimal(13,2)
Payee Total ETP PAYGW AmountDecimal(13,2)
Deduction Items
36.1DeductionTypeDeduction TypeString F Refer Link
36.2 PayeeDeductionAmount Payee Deduction Amount Decimal (13,2)
Super Entitlement Year To Date
37.1 SuperEntitlementTypeCode Super Entitlement Type Code String Yes
(Where an Income Stream Collection is provided, an Super Entitlement Type Code of L, or O must be provided)
L Refer Link
37.2SuperEntitlementAmountSuper Entitlement AmountDecimal(13,2)Yes
38.1 RFBExemptionStatusCode RFB Exemption Status Code String T Refer Link
38.2 PayeeRFBAmount Payee RFB Amount Decimal (13,2)
Code Description
F Full time
P Part time
C Casual
L Labour hire
V Voluntary agreement
D Death beneficiary
N Non-employee
Code Description
V Voluntary Cessation
I Ill-health
D Deceased
R Redundancy
F Dismissal
C Contract Cessation
T Transfer
Code Description
R Regular
A Actors
C Horticulturists and Shearers
S Seniors and Pensioners
H Working Holiday Makers
W Seasonal Worker Programme
F Foreign Resident
D ATO-Defined
V Voluntary Agreement
Category OptionCode
R – Regular T – With tax-free threshold
D – Daily casuals
N – With no tax-free threshold
A – Actor T – With tax-free threshold
D – 3 or less performances per week
N – With no tax-free threshold
P – Promotional
C – Horticulturists and Shearers T – With tax-free threshold
F – Foreign resident
S – Seniors and Pensioners S – Single
M – Couple
I – Illness separated couple
H – Working Holiday Maker R – Registered employer
U – Unregistered employer
F – Foreign resident no TFN
W – Seasonal Worker Programme P – Seasonal Worker Programme
F – Foreign Resident F – Foreign Resident
N – No TFN F – Foreign resident
A – Australian resident
D – ATO Defined B – Death Beneficiary
V – Downward Variation
Z – Non-Employee
Code Description
1 Tier 1
2 Tier 2
3 Tier 3
Code Description
H Half
F Full
Code Description
SAW Salary and wages
CHP Closely held payees
IAA Inbound assignees to Australia
WHM Working holiday makers
SWP Seasonal worker programme
FEI Foreign employment income
JPD Joint petroleum development area
VOL Voluntary agreement
LAB Labour hire
OSP Other specified payments
Code Description
C Cash out leave in service
U Unused leave on termination
P Paid parental leave
W Workers’ compensation
A Ancillary and defence leave
O Other paid leave
Code Description
CD Cents per Kilometre
AD Award Transport Payments
LD Laundry
MD Overtime Meal Allowances
RD Domestic or Overseas Travel Allowances and Overseas Accommodation Allowances
TD Tool Allowances
OD Other Allowances
KN Task Allowances
QN Qualification Allowances
Code Description
S Superannuation
O Other employee benefits
Code Description
R Lump sum A type R
T Lump sum A type T
B Lump sum B
D Lump sum D
E Lump sum E
W Return to work payment
Code Description
R Life Benefit – Redundancy et al
O Life Benefit – Other
S Life Benefit – Split ETP type R
P Life Benefit – Split ETP type O
D Death Benefit – Dependant
N Death Benefit – Non-Dependant
B Death Benefit – Split ETP type N
T Death Benefit – Trustee of the Deceased Estate
Code Description
F Fees
W Workplace Giving
G Child Support Garnishee
D Child Support Deduction
Code Description
L Super Liability
O Ordinary Time Earnings
R Reportable Employer Superannuation Contribution
Code Description
T Taxable
X Exempt